This past Thursday, May 9, 2019, the VI Workshop “Management of the integral water cycle and the environment” took place at the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM). Several presentations were made on topics related to water, from climate change and drought to efficient irrigation and the absorption of pollutants. The event was inaugurated by Estrella Núñez, vice-rector of Research at UCAM and Pedro Jiménez Meseguer, vice-dean of the Degree in Civil Engineering at UCAM.

Throughout the morning, experts such as Carlos Conradi, director of the Mancomunidades de los Canales del Tibilla; Luis Miguel Barranco, geologist of the Centro de Estudios y Experimentación de Public Works; Sebastián Delgado Amaro, Director General of Water of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia (CARM); Juan José Alarcón Cabañero, Director of the Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura (CEBAS) or José Antonio Gabaldón Hernández, principal investigator of the European Life Clean Up project, among others, discussed the management of the integral water cycle and the environment.

The professors of the Polytechnic School of the UCAM and researchers of the project `Life Ecosens Aquamonitrix ́, Dr. Juan Miguel Navarro and Dr. Nuria Vela del Oro, presented the European project. The experts explained that this project, co-financed by the EU through the Life programme, aims to validate a portable and cost-effective device that allows the measurement of water quality in wastewater treatment plants on a continuous basis. In a context marked by awareness of the problem of water in the Region, the researchers also presented various applications of this device to solve some of these issues such as for example continuous analysis, 24 hours, to quickly know the characteristics of water and allow the detection of specific pollution events.




A specialised audience followed the whole Workshop with interest.