The Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service published an interesting report last year in relation to proposals for the safe use of processed manure to advance the circular economy. The aim of the report was to establish criteria that define the point at which N-rich manure-derived materials meet standards to act as ‘chemical fertilisers’ as defined in the Nitrates Directive.

One of the findings indicated that processed manure materials that have a low TOC:TN ratio (≤ 3) or a high mineral N:TN ratio (≥ 90%) show a similar behaviour when applied to soil according to best practices related to timing and modes of application on field. However, to comply with the objectives of environmental protection, it is, necessary to combine the use of REcovered Nitrogen from manURE (RENURE) with good management practices, e.g. the use of living plant covers or equivalent measures, good RENURE storage conditions.

It is concluded that the possible implementation of RENURE as part of manure management systems enables progression towards a more #circulareconomy and for increased resource efficiency in the EU food production system. These measures in turn should lead to a reduction in #waterpollution.