While Tellab (the coordinating beneficiary on the Life Ecosens Aquamonitrix project) continues to work on the first build of the commercial Aquamonitrix units, we are still deploying our prototype devices in Murcia, as part of our Life project to continue to gain learnings from real environment deployments.

As Tellab personnel are unable to travel to the sites, the beneficiaries UCAM, LKS and Kemira are very supportive with any on-site maintenance needed.

This is Aldo (UCAM researcher) last week on site at Edar Alcazares in Murcia, taking all necessary precautions due to Covid-19.

We have units in the influent and effluent streams in the waste water treatment plant and with these prototypes, we are also testing the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, developed by the Advanced Telecommunications Research Group (GRITA) from UCAM.

At least the weather was fine for Aldo with some hazy sunshine!