Last week the General Meeting of the project LIFE Ecosens Aquamonitrix was held in the premises of LKS INGENIERÍA in Bilbao, Spain.

During the first day the consortium discussed the results of the first phase of the project. The devices deployed in the different locations in Murcia and Basque Country in Spain, Haapavesi in Finland and Teagasc in Ireland have been sent back to Tellab where they have been subjected to a rigorous analysis. The information gathered about the performance and reliability of the devices will be used to develop an improved and more robust version of the Ecosens Aquamonitrix device.

The second day was devoted to the management and dissemination tasks.
The General Meeting ended with a visit to the WWTP of Galindo, near Bilbao, one of the demonstration sites of the project. Iñigo Marin from LKS INGENIERIA guided the visit, explaining the characteristics of the locations chosen to place the sensors.

This 2019 General Meeting has established the plan for the next phase of activities of the project and, also very importantly, has provided the partners of the consortium with the energy and cohesion to tackle them with a guarantee of success.