The Life Ecosens Aquamonitrix Project hosted its final project conference on 24 March 2021: Life Ecosens Aquamonitrix Project Workshop – From prototype to commercialisation and everything in between…. All partners within the consortiumwere involved in organising the event, with UCAM providing the platform to ensure seamless conference facilities online. The conference itself had a varied attendance of researchers, regulatory authorities and companies from across Europe.

The conference objective was to inform the audience of the results of the project; the main output was the launch of Aquamonitrix® Nitrite/Nitrate analyser; indeed a product launch webinar was scheduled for the following day, 25 March 2021.The presentations from the Life Ecosens Aquamonitrix project included a presentation on the development of the analyser from a prototype to a commercial device, utilising the information gained during the demonstrations in Spain, Finland and Ireland to improve device performance. We also presented the IoT platform where end users can access their devices and the results remotely. The final presentation from the project was on the soft sensors that were achieved for 19 water quality parameters in different WWTPs/water streams.

The conference also informed the audience about the practical applications for real time analysers, like the Aquamonitrix® analyser, in real life conditions as shown by the Dublin Urban Rivers Life project and Life iBATHWATER. Dublin Urban Rivers Life project is looking at new approaches to improve river water quality by dealing with misconnections on surface water lines, using Integrated Constructed Wetlands and targeted door to door misconnection inspections; a comparison of the effectiveness of these two approaches will also be undertaken. Life iBATHWATER is using advanced urban water management to efficiently ensure bathing water quality using a combination of technological solutions – satellite treatment technologies, an automated continuous E. coli analyser and an open platform knowledge decision support system.

Finally, the Holifab project brings together experts in 3D printing, injection moulding and microfluidic system design for the prototyping, industrialization and production of biochemical applications which can be used in analysers like the Aquamonitrix® nitrate/nitrite analyser.

The conference programme is outlined below:


All presentations from the conference are available here in the public library of the website.

You can keep up to date with the After Life progress through Aquamonitrix® Nitrite/Nitrate analyser website and social media accounts.