Expected results

The project will achieve the following results:

  • A versatile water quality monitoring system adaptable to different applications in the Water Sector.
  •  Versatile IoT platform that will allow deployment of scalable and flexible solutions for connected products.
  • Enhanced performance: Precision +/-5%, Accuracy +/-5% at the higher ranges.
  • Enhanced robustness and reliability of the device, both operational and information reliability.
  • Low energy consumption: reduction of 80% in power consumption during the project.
  • Remote near-continuous monitoring: results obtained on an hourly, up to a 15 minute basis allowing real time monitoring resulting in a more precise control of the water quality with improved water management decisions, allowing mitigation measures to be put in place for early prevention or alleviation of pollution events.
  • Competitively priced solution: its cost is 3-4 times less than current commercial systems.
  • Improvement in water quality at the demonstration sites during the projects.
  • Savings for WWTPs in terms of resources, energy and chemical usage – expected savings of 4- 6%.
  • Device will be ready to be launched on the market after the project ends