Tellab participated last December in Phase II of the “Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor Challenge“. This challenge is organized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States, and its objective is to measure the performance of different sensors.

Conventional on-site wastewater treatment systems, or OWTS, (also referred to as septic systems) are not designed to remove nitrogen to the extent required for avoiding harmful algal blooms and for protecting and restoring many productive and valuable marine and coastal waters. Successfully removing nitrogen to address these concerns may require use of more advanced technology in OWTS.

A sensor which can measure the nitrogen concentration in I/A OWTS effluent coupled with real time reporting would give regulators, managers, communities and homeowners improved ability to assure systems are working properly, optimize their performance, and maintain these technologies over their lifetime, as well as provide the information needed to assess the effectiveness of restoration actions on receiving waters.

The preliminary screening test report published recently gives the Aquamonitrix device a high score on both precision and accuracy.