About the project

The idea

LIFE EcoSens Aquamonitrix proposal consolidates research outputs from previous R&D projects to demonstrate & bring to market a novel water quality monitoring integrated solution to meet the requirements for frequent water quality monitoring under the Water Framework Directive.

Overall objective

The project aims to demonstrate a cost effective portable water monitoring solution for the Water sector. The innovative technology, at a competitive cost allows increased frequency of water quality monitoring with remote access to the device & to results. This affordable solution results in more monitoring, making it easier for management decisions & compliance with regulations. Moreover, its efficient power consumption allows longer deployment periods, diminishing maintenance needs, providing an integrated monitoring solution that is cost effective.

This project will demonstrate an innovative water quality monitoring device in different environments and climates. The EcoSens Aquamonitrix novel solution will be a device designed for Water authorities and other authorities, e.g. regulatory authorities, River Basin Management, with the aim of improving their control of water resources, water quality & facilitate & improve management decisions.

The device can carry out a near-continuous analysis of water sources, monitoring the indicators of water quality including nutrients: e.g. Nitrate, Nitrite, as well as using reagentless detection to monitor other parameters, thus reducing reagents & standards required. The solution can monitor multiple samples continuously allowing end-users to detect pollution events and adverse trends in real time. Thus, the private or public entities in charge of water quality monitoring and management can act in a more efficient and effective way tackling the problems detected (i.e. pollution sources), in a more timely manner, thereby minimizing the negative environmental impact.

Our Demonstration Sites

Crispijana WWTP in Vitoria

Galindo WWTP in Bilbao

Loiola WWTP in San Sebastian

Alcantarilla WWTP

Los Alcázares WWTP

Molina del Segura WWTP

San Pedro del Pinatar WWTP